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#Follow: “@PsychVictims” The Everyday #PsychVictims Project catalogues victimization by the “#MentalHealth” field experienced daily by millions of people.

We are a platform for you to share your story, create a lobby, and to highlight the rights violations, discrimination, and harm that “mental health” is founded upon. We give Psych Victims a voice.

Checkout my latest story:

So many stories to tell, lol. Let’s start with this one. (I’m drunk btw, best way to write, cuz you know I’m speaking from the heart.) πŸ˜‰

I was a long time virgin, waiting till marriage to have sex. (In the anti-theist psych world, this means you’re a schizophrenic fanatic. I was the kind of guy who had such moral convictions, that I would throw up at the park and cry for 3 days, if I even had oral.

I met this goth girl thru a friend, she was a CCS student. She tried to kiss me, so I pulled a way, and bit her lip to tease her. I noticed she moaned really loud, and told me to choke her. (Now despite what allegations have been said about me, I was the guy that couldn’t play contact sports in middle school, bc I had a phobia of hurting people.. In fact, I couldn’t even guard other boys in Rec basketball, bc the voices would start singing “Savage Garden, I want to bathe with you on the mountain.” lol.)

So, the night went from slight choking, to her demanding me to punch her in the face.. And I did it. I beat the fuck out of her. She O’d like 70 virgins, simultaneously speaking in strange tongues at the most charismatic of Pentecostal Churches.

I didn’t know how to feel after, Did I sin? I didn’t know. There was no penetration involved, my dick did’t get wet, all I know is that girl got off really hard from me slamming her head in the ground.

The next day, I went to the therapist at Easter Seals, and told her about my love for Jesus. She yawned, and said “anything else Dan?” I said “actually yes.” “I met this girl,” (brief interruption) “Ooh, tell me more” she said excitedly. Therapist crosses her legs, appeared to be rubbing her… Then I told her about what happened; and she said, and I repeat, “DANIEL, THERE IS NO WRONG WAY TO GET OFF” “Whoa,” I exclaimed, almost falling out of my chair.

  • That was the last time I went to therapy.

When the administrator of the non -profit asked why I stopped going. I told him what she said; He then pulled his hair out of his head, and thru a chair across the room like an adolescent EI kid.

What do you think? Do you think there is no wrong way to get off?? What about Pedophiles? Or Necrophiliacs?? Or Rapists??? Maybe this is why men don’t seek therapy? Maybe we don’t wanna be “Daddy Bundy” every time we have sex?! πŸ˜‰ (Cuz Boring!) That might excite old pervy boomers; but my generation has smut shoved down our necks, and tbh, we just want love, something real. I mean why can’t shit just be natural?.. But what do God and I know about anything? The divorce and suicide rate is SO low right now, right?

White people and men are dying by the thousands.

Suicide rates have increased across gender and geographic lines, but nearly 84 percent of people who kill themselves are white, and about 77 percent are men.

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