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Hows this for a #CoverLetter? “#LinkedIN” (#JobRecruiters + #Fortune500 #Companies #Wanted)

Disclaimer: Don’t call the cops bc I’m expressing my frustrations, by artistically exploiting the lack of morale, and unfairness in my work life.

Listen, I sign a new lease today. I had to get a bigger apt, bc my son is getting older and needs his own space… But really, I can’t afford to even live. I litterly am forced to consume alcohol just to get a decent wifi connection.

Truthfully, I don’t want to do bad things for money. I tried using social media to collectively remoralize the population, but that backfired miserably, and I feel my art career is never going to take off the way I planned.

I wish a company that offers high paying saleries would reach out to me; see my hard work, and be like, wow, “how the fuck did we over look you?”

Cuz I’m only one person, doing the workload of 100 for pennies. What a shame it would be to let all this talent go to waste.

Times a ticking, it’s not like I can’t just jack all your credit cards and blame it on Russia.

Seriously, don’t force me to steal or sleep with your wives on camera.

You can’t hold me down forever. This is my last attempt at a normal life, before I sink the ship for everybody who doesn’t have crypto in their portfolio.

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