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The year was 1999; I got pulled into the office by that same Social Worker, (Jim Wallanis) who stalked me all the way from the Elementary EI School I went to, John Page Middle School, and at this point; my freshman year of High School.

He put his shoes up on the desk and said, “You look like a punk!” “Why don’t you go to Sommerset; conform, and get some nice Docs and Levis like me?” I said “Sir; my Nike Air Jordan’s that are hidden under my KIK pants were $150.00, they took me all summer working very hard to save for, and these pants that you say I’m sweeping the floor with, cost equal value to your Levis. (I thought to myself, who my age even wears Levis at that time?.. What an irrelevant weirdo?)

Then he said to me, “Why do you walk with your head down all the time?” “Are you depressed?” “I’m concerned for you, do you not have any friends?”

I laughed, “Of course I have friends, I said,” “I just got my Varsity letter this year, and I have a steady girl friend, my life is going great!” “The reason I walk with my head down is because I’m so confident, that I don’t want to appear arrogant, I believe in being humble.”

“Humble?” he said, “No, you need to be a man, and walk like a man!”

Then he said, “We need to have a psych val on you asap!” “Tell me someone you look up to; it can be anyone, sports figure, a friend?

I said, “I don’t worship other men sir, I only look up to Jesus.” “Jesus is the only man I idolize as a mentor.”

He pulled his hair out of his head, and said, “Damn it Dan!” “Jesus never existed!” Is there anyone else?

I said, “Fine then, The apostle Paul.”

“Damn it Dan!” he said louder! “Real people? Not mythological characters!”

I said, “these shoes that I paid $150.00 for, were inspired by Michael Jordan, the greatest Basketball player ever in the history of the game.” “One day, Jordan will die, and even his great legacy will be rarely talked about…” “But Jesus, Jesus has devout worshipers all over the world, consistently for 2000 years. People are still writing books about Jesus; so if Jesus never existed, than tell me, who the fuck exists?”

I got sent to the Max Program shortly after that.

Oh, and he paid this kid in my resource room to hangout with me, and get this… Years later we met at a party, I gave him the book “Institutes of the Christian Religion” by John Calvin. He converted and gave his life to Jesus. That kid and I became very close friends; and the girls we hung out with that night, one of them ended up being the daughter of one of the teachers involved in that EI school program, and she was my other best friends neighbor. Small world? I think not. lolo.

One more thing, I always pondered that day in my head. (The meeting I had with that social worker.) I never understood why he would deny the existence of a man, who clearly existed. Then I was watching the telle years later, and found a Larry King special that explained the background of his indoctrination.

It’s attached to the story. Notice what the Atheist says about Jesus, and how the entire episode ends up being all about Jesus. lol.

CNN LIVE What Happens After We Die Larry King Live with Pastor John MacA…


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