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So, I was on the boat with my Dad, after helping him with his social media. We had some great conversations about God, marriage, things like that.. Then somehow, we ended up getting into a heated Israel and Palestinian debate. All I said, was that I think Israel is wrong for committing genocide. My Dad then shead a tear; almost disowned me, called me a racist, and said how do you think your Grandmother would feel about you saying that? I said what do you mean? Lol. He said, she was from Poland, and had to change her last name to come here. I said oh, I had no idea. That’s when I found out I’m Jewish.. 34 years later, Lol.

Despite being a signatory to @UNCRC the Israeli Regime continues its war against children of Palestine with complete impunity! A herd of 12 Israeli armed terrorists abducting a terrified Palestinian child #FreePalestinianPrisoners

5,900 Palestinians, including 291 children, currently in Israeli prisons, PLO official Hanan Ashrawi says #FreePalestinianPrisoners ā¬…ļø

Daniel Brummitt

Daniel Brummitt, is The Founder of Philososaur Brand and Magazine.

His vision: To create an avenue for artistic entrepreneurs, allowing them to express themselves freely, without having to deal with any obstructive regulations and standards.

Publishing Visual Artists, Thru 3rd Party POD, EST.2013

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