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#Changes and #Confessions by #DANIELBRUMMITT – #SocialEngineering #MonarchProgramming #SicknessUntoDeath #PsychVictims #Trainers #CollectiveBehavior #EthicalPolitics

I don’t know, but something changed in me, I have no desire for random hookups anymore. I actually have to get to know someone before I can sleep with them, but even that might not be enough. Physical attraction is just so overrated, if everybody is fucking everybody, then there’s nothing special about me anymore. 😏 I remember in my own lifetime when marriage was something beautiful for Christian’s to look forward to, a standard for a relationship, now it has no meaning at all. I’d say as a global Abrahamic society, we’ve gone pretty far off track. I apologize for contributing to the sickness. I was angry at how materialistic many people of my faith were, so I took matters into my own hands, and used media to collectively demoralize them even further. I knew they wouldn’t believe anything I said; so I used to laugh when they would quote me, mimicking my personality, not realizing I was behind the scenes directing the narrative. Sadly, it backfired in my face, because I can no longer find satisfaction in the mess I helped create. My intentions, dispite out of revenge, were pure though. I only wanted to protect young love; by-passing submition of the traditional hierarchy system, the same level system that screwed me over in my youth, and followed me up until this point. I urge people to really think about what I’m saying. Understanding, that there are communal consequences to the way we are living and treating one another.

We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society.

Hillary Clinton 🦋

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