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My thoughts on this #SellingWater video.

I sold lemonade as a child. Thankfully no one called the cops on me, because If they did, I would have peed in it. Oddly enough, the neighborhood pervert was a cop, and he purchased my whole stand. 😁

It was a different time. My family knew all our neighbors.. There was trust.

It also wasn’t on a busy main road. That’s what scammers do. I know this, because I used to steal cologne and sell it to tourists visiting Chicago. (Right next to the crack heads, who purchased a $100.00 begging license for their spot.) That’s why only certain fake homeless people get arrested for bothering you.

It’s different if you’re selling girl scout cookies, because you’re part of an organization people know, and they file taxes.

As a parent, I don’t like it when people use their kids to guilt me. That poor child probably isn’t even getting paid.

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