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Why #Men Do Not #Want to #Marry

Here is where the go solo movement for men has picked up steam. Single men see the catastrophe that divorced men experience. Why would they want to marry and risk the same?
You cannot blame a young man today if he swears off marriage and children. Especially the children of divorce.
Considering the state of divorce court in the country and the real bias of the court system. And even more, especially the children of a divorced father who did commit suicide. They see a clear picture of what happens to a man after marriage, children and divorce.
And it is not a pretty picture.
The long term consequences of divorce go beyond family disunity and estrangement. If a father after divorce ended up in depression, job loss and/or suicide, do you think his kids would want to marry? The chances are that his children do not want to take such a risk, especially his sons.

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