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#SexPastor (Please Read)

Pastor Confesses To ‘Sexual Incident,’ Gets Standing Ovation – news –

1 Corinthians 5:2 Let him who has done this be removed from among you.

Standing ovation? He has a pastoral degree, (which means he’s highly skilled in communications and psychology.) Being fully aware of what he was doing; this educated sociopath hid behind legality, sheepish people’s trust, and got away with sexual misconduct of a minor. (Which is illegal, on more levels than just her age.) He should of gotten his ass kicked by her father and the police, simultaneously. He violated the trust of God’s people, probably still took their money (millions – tax free) without any guilt until caught. Was probably married to a hot wife, but didn’t care.

This kind of asshole is the reason we have femnazis; young girls everywhere have a distorted view of men, marriage, and most importantly no faith in God.

Do not forgive, because if he truly repented in his heart, he would understand that it’s past his time. Not just for him, but for those involved in the cover up.

Example: After King David was caught, a judgment of death regarding his son was entered through the Prophet. “David” knowing The Creators compassion, prayed with bitter tears, but the judgment still came to pass.

Furthermore: This satanic congregation is twisting scripture on forgiveness and playing emotions, as method to manipulate, in order to stay in power. Go, demand a refund for your love offerings. I would personally shit in the offering plate if I could, and so would Jesus, because that’s what Jesus thinks about this situation. – He thinks it’s shit!

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