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  • Original review: Dec. 24, 2017
“We are canceling the 2 cards we just issued you because an internal audit found your account to be high risk.” I have news for this ** bank and its ** president Ron Olster. My credit score is over 800. I own 2 homes, one free and clear. My credit utilization score is under 5%, & I have never missed a payment. After reading all of the negative reviews on this site, I think you did me a favor Comenity. No wonder the word on the street is that this ** company will be bankrupt by the end of Q1 18! So glad not to being doing business with these **.
  • Original review: Dec. 23, 2017

I signed up for Victoria Secret Credit card which is Comenity Bank, the bank told me they do have auto withdrawals, explained what I needed to do, I did that. So I did not make a physical payment, got any email saying, “Thank you for payment.” Found out they did not offer auto withdrawals so my payment was late and of course late fee. They had already removed a late fee because I signed up in July but did not get card or statement until late September so since it was on them they credited my account.

However I also found out that they only do one fee removal every 18 months. So it appears that they are greedy and they want extra money and that comes in the form of late fees that are still not your fault. That comes from a lie that they told at the beginning and then when you call and explain what happened they become rude, and tell you, more or less that it’s your fault for the late fee that you’ve been paying on for 3 months that I had no knowledge of. That is completely acceptable. So I will play off the account and close the account. I refuse to let them take advantage of me.

  • Original review: Dec. 23, 2017

Apparently, my first payment which was last month, was a day late and it only went toward a late fee and not toward the original balance at all, unbeknownst to me. I am late again, however. I want to pay off the balance, but don’t want another sneaky late fee attached to my balance later on that isn’t showing up now. I get the feeling that this credit card company is involved in unethical business practices, however legal, and such practices further make me suspicious of credit card companies and of the Boscov’s organization itself.

I tried calling about it and talked with woman who spoke very broken English, but instead of hearing my complaint first, she immediately offered me a $100 rebate card from Walmart. We were not really understanding each other, so I hung up with the intent on calling back and speaking to a more understanding person. Redialled but pressed a wrong choice on the menu and the recording was asking if I wanted a psychic reading (?!). I tried calling back several times, but now I get a busy signal every time I call back. Something definitely does not add up here. The credit card was issued by Boscov’s through Comenity Bank.

  • Original review: Dec. 17, 2017

If there was a negative 1000 that is what I would rate it… like everyone on here. I had an Ulta card issued thru Comenity (which by the way is not even accredited) so maybe that is why they don’t want to give you money back on things you did not order. I filed a complaint back in early August of over 188.** for 3 different face creams… I received my 5th card from Ulta (that is how many problems I have had with fraud) and I never even activated it. The next thing I received was a check for 45.** with a notation to not pay any bill as I had a zero balance.

Then I started receiving calls from Comenity and they tell me I owe 219.** for “face cream”… that they spoke to the merchant who said it was an online order and that it was delivered to my home. They got the merchant on the phone… the Ulta “investigator” and I use that term loosely, claimed well I was the dope and I hit a trial period for all of these creams and never cancelled so I got charged. I informed her I was a 61 yr old disabled female and I had no use for face cream… I asked the merchant if he had signature of proof of deliver… he said no, they don’t do that… WHAT?

Well I am sorry but I am not stupid enough to make “a mistake” to get 188.** of face cream shipped to me to be left at my door??? I have a Pac N’ Send address for that. It boiled down to I told the merchant fine, if I was go get stuck paying for the face cream then he was going to resend it… he asked for a better address and I gave him the mailing address I have always used for packages which would be Pac N’ Send as there is someone there to actually receive it.

Comenity Bank I called directly and they said they could do nothing because it was Ulta’s fault. This is going to end up with a BBB report and going to court… because they have no signature proof that I ever received anything and all they can confirm is my email address and that it was ordered online. To top that off, they told me I had to make minimum payment… so in order to do that I had to activate the stupid card and guess what it said… Welcome Stephanie **… and she had my email address and physical address and stated she was the person to bill… underneath, it said I was the person to ship to… along with someone else I never heard of, a John ** who lives in Woodstock Fl…

To make matters worse, the phone number listed was a cell phone number that I had deactivated in 2012 – but when you call it, it says you are reaching a different number. I am going to file a police report, and report them to BBB and more than likely sue them as I am on disability for PTSD, Anxiety, Bipolar II, and Panic and this going on at Xmas has made my condition worse… and y’all are right I don’t know which bank is worse, Comenity or Synchrony who handles PayPal.

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