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This is what it looks like when you tell a #Cop to stop beating on a teenager.


Today in my way home I saw two police officers stop a black teenager. A young man that I’ve seen multiple times in my neighborhood.

Naturally I stop when I can in my neighborhood when I see police stop anyone. This time was different.

These cops were violating this little boy. They didn’t even ask him questions, just pulled him on the side walk and started searching him.

Literally stripping him of his clothes. Ripping off his back pack and hoodie. Before I could even think to I started yelling stop.

Of course this scared little boy was struggling. He wasn’t fighting back but he wasn’t LETTING THEM STRIP HIM. Then they start beating him.

Both of these cops are bigger than me and this little boy. I’m asking did they ask permission to search him and what was the cause of.

Even stopping him. They stop beating him to tell me to mind my business. This is my fucking neighborhood.

At this point I’m crying and screaming to get people’s attention. It’s working but they don’t care. They still roughing him up.

So my dumb ass uses my body to cover this little boys. And screams at them to stop, SCREAMS that he’s a child, leave him alone.

One cop actually stops. The other kicks me dead ass in my face. Tells me “being a hero not gonna get you anywhere, get up and go home.”

Dude I held that boy tight like he was my own child. They were trying to pull me off him and I wasn’t doing it.

Cop punching me in my back and all. I have bruises there too. Yelling at me to mind my business. I told the little boy he gonna be ok.

All I hear is people yelling now. I’m not looking up. Still being punched. Then I hear this nigga draw his gun. I never cried so hard yo.

Idk who lives on farmers bro but I swear the whole blvd was standing there. Screaming at these cops. They the only reason I’m home.

It’s like the air was standing still yo….all I heard was some woman’s voice saying please, yelling. Another got they badge.

A women by the name of Yolanda Bridges, I owe this women my fucking life, came over and picked me up.

Told the officer to look at what’s he’s doing (referring to my face being blue at this time). He ACTUALLY lowers his weapon.

At least 6 more women come over to me and guide me away from the situation. Same with the little boy. Cops just standing there.

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