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All this over a #WeedCharge. πŸ˜” #SMH #MSNBC #GangStalking #InmateAbuse gone too far!

This is the PREA (Prison Rape elimination Act investigation and report PCRDF supplied to the feds to initiate a investigation against Kevin Olson’s beat down. Kevin has videos and audio statements.

3 thoughts on “All this over a #WeedCharge. πŸ˜” #SMH #MSNBC #GangStalking #InmateAbuse gone too far!

  1. Thank you for your blog! Hope you have time to read and pass mine along I’m trying to speak awareness. Ty

    1. Thank u. I’ll see what i can do.

    2. Send me a link to your blog on the comment section below. I’m on my mobile. Having trouble viewing your site. Thx!

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