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#WhatIWant 👉🦉🕰🚪♥️🥂😏🍒🏖⛰🎨🛫 by: #PHILOSOSAUR 🌐

My name has been dragged in the mud by certain individual(s) trying so hard to distract, incite, & make me look like a deviant… But no matter what’s said about me, everyone’s intentions eventually get found out. I’m not a perfect person, but I want to make it clear what I’m really about, & who I am.
MyWANTS: I just want to live a quiet life, run a simple business, & enjoy all the free beauty life has to offer. 
I don’t care much about politics, or what religion, and sexual preference(s) you are. I just want to get along with as many people as possible; have fun, chill with my son, & live simple. 

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