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I have a #Serious re-occuring #Problem that needs to be addressed immediately. #SOS

I don’t understand why every time I commit to someone, the person I’m with stops having sex with me? I don’t know what I’m doing wrong? They always say they’re in pain; but we don’t even have sex that hard. I’m really sad about this, it’s causing me to think women have no worth other than prostitution.. Because I know that if I had more money, it wouldn’t be this way. I really want to find someone who isn’t completely selfish, but I’m realizing that people are not even people.. Especially poor people, I understand why the rich rule over them, it’s because they’re lazy and stupid. I don’t want to cheat, lie, and manipulate all the time. I just wish people were fucking real, and had the ability to communicate like I do. The first woman who shares me for real, will have my heart locked in for life. It’s not fair that you can fuck a million dicks and pussies simultaneously, then expect me to only want you! We need to globally outlaw divorce, and bring back public stoning, to save the Abrahamic idea of family for future generations. I can’t stomach dysfunctional humans anymore. Something really needs to change, cause one day I’m gonna have a lot of money, and I’m just gonna enslave the poor like every other soulless rich fuck. Show me compassion, and reach out to me on the street corner. I mean, am I really that unbearable and unreasonable? 

The bottom line, if you don’t desire me sexually all the time, then I can’t believe you love me. 💔🖤


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