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#LegalAid – All I wanted was a free #Lawyer… #SMH #FamilyLaw :(

Hello, my name is Daniel Brummitt, and I hold the largest 3rd party networking brand in the world. I am very grieved with the injustices and exploitation of the poor in the family court system. I am unwilling to compromise at this moment, because you have proven ineffective in upholding any integrity at all. Give me a speedy and fair divorce; or my word being my word, I will make sure that every judge and attorney in America, will have their new career set at Burger King.

The choice is yours. Do not underestimate the power of my network. Even if you manage to hack all my 1,000’s of accounts, I can respawn over night, bigger and badder than before. 

I also may have timed bots that will release dirt about how much of scum bags you guys are… So don’t think about locking me up. Only I have the private key. 😉 

You held me by my nuts for long enough, let go, or I’ll apply twice as much pressure when I bite down on your shoulder. Yes; my dish soap is expensive, because I can afford to dish it out, I have already been threw the mill and back, but can your reputation afford another round??! 


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